2012-06-17 13:22:06 by Frugele

How are you guys? How have been everything? I've been in many test recently! I haven't failed!... yet... |:C


And i got voices for my animation! 8D I'm part of the voices so... that!

I hope you have an awesome day guys

Voice Actors.

2012-05-29 22:17:14 by Frugele

Well, I need voice actors for an animation about few lil animals doin' a picnic and it gots all crazy and shit.
I need the voice of a girl and 2 guys.
Anyone who wanna participate or somethin' interested just tell me and send me a message here or an e-mail to

If you wanna skype: natty-was-here.


What's up guys?

2012-05-12 22:51:36 by Frugele

How are you?

Sup guys :V I'm Natty

2012-04-20 20:04:23 by Frugele

Well, i'm new here, eh, that.

You can call me Natty or Natz or whatever you want i don't care.

So that.

Oh, also, i'm learnin' animation (Maybe i'll go to an animation college soon :3c maybe in 2 years i'm still a junior, because I didn't pass to senior this year so, :I meh).

Nice to meet ya c: I hope I can have some fun here. :3c