Entry #1

Sup guys :V I'm Natty

2012-04-20 20:04:23 by Frugele

Well, i'm new here, eh, that.

You can call me Natty or Natz or whatever you want i don't care.

So that.

Oh, also, i'm learnin' animation (Maybe i'll go to an animation college soon :3c maybe in 2 years i'm still a junior, because I didn't pass to senior this year so, :I meh).

Nice to meet ya c: I hope I can have some fun here. :3c


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2012-04-20 21:49:08

hay, u stole mah last name :P

Frugele responds:

Are you Verdugo too? O: omg


2012-04-20 21:55:45

Welcome! :D!
Love the style, lookin forward to more of your stoofs :)

Frugele responds:

Aw, thank you! ;u; you're really lovely <3 c: I'll try to not get lazy and draw moar then |D lol.

-hugs- :3


2012-04-21 02:35:54

Verdugos, unite!


2012-04-21 07:58:21

Pff don't wait for college. Animation is a matter of self-study anyway so you might as well start full-out hardcore caffeine-induced learning now. In my opinion college is there to reinforce your raw skills and give you tasks to complete to test your skills. Good luck!

Frugele responds:

Those are wise words! O: I'll try my best then to become the best :3c Thanks to people like you I have more hope everyday. <3 Thank you darlin' c:


2012-04-21 08:15:21


Frugele responds:

Thank you darlin' c: -hugs- <3


2012-04-21 19:28:29

Welcome to this world wide web internet website. I hope you stay is a pleasant one.


2012-04-22 22:54:40

Nice Art :)
sorry to ask just curious ^^ is the girl your own made up character? or like is it based on your looks? :p

Frugele responds:

Oh :3c thank you darlin'!

And it's based in myself, O: Well, i don't have THAT red hair yet, but i'll get that color soon.

I need to dye it moar. :3c

why darlin? And you can ask whatever you want whenever you want! c:


2012-04-27 09:22:56

your art it's pretty cute.


2012-04-28 22:03:09

oh thats pretty cool :D
haha well hope it ends up looking the way you want it :p
oh ummm can you draw me a picture then ? :D

Frugele responds:

Lol, i don't use to do that but.. sure, why not?

Tell me what to draw you via message.