What's up guys?

2012-05-12 22:51:36 by Frugele

How are you?


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2012-05-12 23:39:23

Fine, Nothing to complain about really, just a bit bored. And yourself? lol


2012-05-12 23:45:07

That is a pretty complex question. How best could I answer such? Indeed, much precision is required to relate the summation of my very being. To provide a response proving both simple and sufficient is a task beyond my own and most human capacity. Whatever one may decide to be the best approach to this question, I rest assured knowing this is not it.


2012-05-12 23:50:23

Bored, but at least I have the house to myself. Wild party should begin in a few hours.


2012-05-13 01:06:49

Listening to Vile and Slugothor. Totally stoked about my new keyboard I bought at a yardsale. And five dollar yard stale joystick for old school Unreal Tournamenting. how about yourself?


2012-05-13 19:51:55

fine i guess, with a lot of homework to do from college :( haha, how about you girl?


2012-05-13 19:51:58

fine i guess, with a lot of homework to do from college :( haha, how about you girl?

Frugele responds:

OH! Awesome! What are you studyin'? c:

And i'm bored, i didn't go to school today, i'm kinda lazy haha.


2012-05-14 12:14:23

a bit angry and bored.

Frugele responds:

Why were you angry darlin'? :c


2012-05-22 00:56:55

haha yeah i guess, i'm studying engineer in chemistry :) and well i guess you should enjoy that moments in college you can't :(, at least not that often haha so play something or listen music so you don't get bored baby :)